Tuesday, 11 Dec 2018

Demio review


Nowadays , with the development of science and technology our life is becoming easier. And it has no exception in marketing. One of the most useful tools that work effectively is Demio.

Demio is a high- quality webinar platform built for marketing and sales at a fraction of the price. The Demio grand opening ends soon, takes about 10 days.
And within 2 years in development, there are over 750 beta testers and 1000+ webinars run. Demio has been received many positive feedbacks from testers. It is considered to be the best and easiest webinar to use. It is likely that this is the beginning of something great and worth expecting.

At present there is a wide range of webinar platforms on the market. However , not many of them worked for the business. If yes, they were often missing something like webinar would crash, recordings were lost and it was a terrible webinar experience. Many of the core features such as reliability, quality and ease of use were often overlooked. But you have to spend a large sum of money on paying for it, almost $6000 per year for sub- par webinar software. Being aware of the problem, we have strong wish to change the situation.
We are marketers, like you,we can recognize the essential role of webinars. It goes without saying that webinars are the most powerful marketing and sales tool that any business can use to develop their business. With webinars, it is more convenient to do everything from marketing, sales, onboarding, training, building relationships and more.

To create a perfect webinar is not a piece of cake. Nevertheless, we had made a lot effort to find out a marketing- driven application that focuses on giving you the tool to connect and sell to your audience better than ever before, without any interruptions. As a result, after 2 years with a team of talented, experienced engineers we are happy to present to you, a simple and customizable tool, Demio.

Demio has successfully recovered all missing function of other webinars. First of all, you can create a webinar without a handbook. You’ll be up and running with your first webinar in just seconds. Simply enter your title, date, and time and “VOILA!” you have a webinar ready to launch. We’ve placed a great emphasis on making Demio a pleasure to use every single time. Secondly, it gives you opportunity to customize registration pages. Use the Demio editor to fully customize your registration page for your Webinar to match your brand. You change the color, add text, images, videos, customize the logo and more. We’ll offer you a couple templates to choose from right inside of Demio. Also, you can use the Tracking section to add pixels to any page in the registration process. Thirdly, with Demio, you’re not restricted to only using our registration page templates. We give you the freedom to embed your registration via HTML form on absolutely any website. Next, Demio can be used as a tool to set up a recurring webinar series. Therefore, your audience only has to register once to attend multiple sessions. Once you create your first webinar date, it’s a breeze to add the rest of your recurring webinar dates right inside your event creation page. What is more, if you’re hosting the same webinar multiple times, you can offer your registrants multiple dates & times to choose from on the registration page. One of the new function of Demio is using your webcam and share your screen. You can let your audience see you while you share your entire screen, or an individual window on your computer. Especially, with automation rules of Demio, you’ll be able to segment contacts in your CRM in real-time based on the actions that they take. This will help you segment your audience into buckets based on their interaction, so you can follow up with the right message at the right time. By creating and launching custom, multiple choices on the fly, you can learn from and segment your audience easily by asking questions. After the event, you can see who submitted each answer for your polls; this is great for advanced segmentation. Also , it is possible to play inline videos during a webinar. A video can be streamed while you focus on another aspect of your webinar. The audio of inline videos will play through each attendee’s speakers for a high-quality experience. Beside video, Demio allow you to have a live, real-time chat with your audience. You can get instant feedback from your chat messages and questions. Miss any questions? No problem, you’ll find all your chat messages stores in our Webinar reporting after the webinar too. To that extend, Demio has automatic webinar recordings and reminder emails. Demio will automatically record your webinars and upload them in HD right into your Demio account for you to download later. Never worry about reminding your registrants about your upcoming webinar. Demio will automatically send reminder emails to your registrants instantly on registration. If you don’t want to use the standard Demio thank you page, you can redirect your registrants to any custom URL of your choosing. However, our thank you pages will come with the registrants unique join link and a calendar save button to make it easy to join any webinar. What makes Demio different from other webinars is that you have ability to invite up to 15 coordinators to communicate prior to webinar launch in the Webinar backstage, present their screen, and see the entire Demio Chat room along with you every step of the way. If you want share someone’s message on a webinar with the entire audience, very simple, just use featured messages to display a chat message from an attendee right on top of the stream, so the entire audience can see it. With Demio Tracking, you can easily add retargeting, tracking, or conversion pixels right on the registration page, thank you page, or even in the webinar room. Give your team members access to their own Demio profiles & logins, so you don’t have to share the same account. You can even limit permissions for your sub-users. In case that you can’t manage what you don’t measure, Demio’s analytics will help you learn how your audience watched and engaged with your live webinar, so you can improve your presentation for next time. More useful, by using Demio, you will reply your attendees after the webinar as well as understand who did what on your webinar like see who registered, who attended, who left early, who completed the webinar and make the most with these customer segments. Finally, Demio is a great way to display offers and CTA’s, share handouts with the audience.

Demio currently integrates with 9 CRM’s and autoresponders natively, include: Infusionsoft, Aweber, Ontrabot, MailChimp, GetResponse, ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, Drip, MarketHero. After the initial launch, we will be expanding our native integrations.

With Demio, you will save 1000% from other Competitors During our Grand Opening: 100 attendees cost $237/year, 500 attendees cost $367/year, 1000 attendees cost $497/year. When the time hits zero, our pricing is going up.
These are all characteristics of Demio, you can take advantage of this to make your marketing and sales webinars more effective. We are sure that Demio will make you satisfied. So don’t hesitate, start using it as soon as possible. It is an absolutely wonderful experience!

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