Tuesday, 11 Dec 2018

Ecom Intel review

I would like to talk about software that everybody in e-commerce wants to get their own. This cargo ultimately means more money for them, so what they have is a huge- power spice. They allow their customers to not only spinal on their competition but also find hot selling items through a lot of platforms with just a few simple clicks. I am going to show you a valuable product named ECOM INTEL software in e-commerce.
Initially, we want to show you what we have inside this product, there are ten items as toolbar listed one by one: dashboard, eliminate suit, Ecom Intel master training, Ecom Intel Pro, Ecom Intel elite, Ecom Intel advanced, agency lite and agency pro, tiers, admin, and user.
First of all, we are going to see the getting started video that will tell us what we have to do next. We are able to access to each of videos which are playable to watch the training along with the use of the software.
Now and then we are going to find how to use this valuable product:
1.Ecom Intel suit
This item concludes FB profit hunter, super finder, supplier extractor, brand watch, Amazon, eBay, favorite manager.
First up, we have FB profit hunter; this table helps us to find out hot selling items on Facebook. We have searched spy glass and then we find sacrifice their lists that are not listed on Facebook on Google. Therefore we turn to next item is Super finder that will give them an advantage over their competition.
This part helps to find the items on anybody Shopify site. We also have Supply extract that will illustrate the customers who do not know where can find the item on this software. So they just need to paste the product here. The brand watch will help show up without express. Amazon and Ebay are going to tell them to know if the item is branded or not? We are finding out hot selling items handling on anybody. That why we have a Favorite manager .If the users want to save this search, they able to save and comeback to later as they can see what they have saved .They can get started with Shopify here and they can not only hire a virtual assistant but also save up to up. Finally, they may save up 8.5 percent off each their order using Aliexpress.
2. Ecom Intel Pro:
This part separates into three parts: check out timer, watch count, and rank estimator.
Firstly, check out timer let them know check out the time allowing customers to install and page. Simply, they copy the link and then click install. Watch count part shows most of the watched items on eBay.In order to watch, they type and select the category in the table or they can enter by keyword. Rank estimator gives them the top ranking site on supply pretty handy .
3. Ecom Intel elite:
Roi checker, trendy Twitter, Google trend and meme generator are set up Ecom Intel elite.
In this item, They may calculate their trendy twitter that should be find the hottest trend .Google trends able to appear on Google and main generator. So if the users want to content more on their fan page they can create means with a click of the button.
4.Ecom Intel advanced
The users want to upgrade more content on their fan page which means that more money in their pocket, therefore, it needs to help from Ecom Intel advanced
5. Agency lite and agency pro
The last but not least important thing is Agency lite and agency pro. Agency light in agency pro users will be able to give away licenses that to make money in their pocket.
We are sure that our product will make the users satisfied. The quality of the products is guaranteed.

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