Tuesday, 11 Dec 2018
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ImageX PRO review

If you are designing a website, software or finding a drawing, image X is the best graphic tool ever for your choice. It will help you make a logo, picture (from simple to complex picture), and even your file upload from your folder. Image X is a useful tool which helps you to adjust photos, graphic design through singer user interface. With the simple display, it is easy to use, that make you finish your work quickly and effectively. Let go to inside this product and have a look what we have. There are a lot of several of items which you use to complete your job as well as: Facebook covers, headers, logos, MISC, feature boxes, stamps, icons, tumbler graphics…
Now, we would like to talk about image’s function:
Firstly, adjust photo is one of the top function of this product. It helps enhance your picture by filter tool and profession display. It is easy for you to come back your original picture when you don’t want to fix or use any effect. Moreover, you able to combine a lot of singer picture into the whole picture. The exception of standard photos, image X also supplies more thirty categories and over five hundred templates for user.
With aliment’s capacity of new color, you can repair singer color of the group of color. This function allows to creating a colorful interface for your own image.
If you want to connect different things together, Image X will help you to do it by the simple and quick way via clicking on to photo’s color.
The intelligent function of scaling and zoom are important in creating your graphic. You may change the width and height of photo without defect important content of the photo. The others part of an image can make smaller or bigger than the original picture.
Additionally, you can use huge creation of effect to make your work to become the wonderful picture. Besides, you can use add- effect in this program.
If you want to design your graphic according to some topics for your picture in your album and add more description on to your graphic, please use document tool to create and arrange to text according to your expect. Including format and checking spelling that supplies to all fonts set up. Furthermore, you can preview or search and change.
The last but not least important thing is online service. You able to share your product on Facebook, Twitter, Google… and you can do it by simple and safe way. You may choose from your album, add photo or music background and link download…
To sum up, we are sure that our product will make the users satisfied. The quality of the products is guaranteed.

More information coming soon!

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