Tuesday, 11 Dec 2018

ShopySpy review

If you are a passionate on business, make sure that you will not hesitate to face those difficulties when setting up a business. But one of the biggest problems that you are headache and thinking that search is location. Finding sales address is too difficult and take a long time. But with Shopyspy, you will not need to be miserable because this will be a useful tool to help you create your own shop without real locations.
With just a few mouse clicks, you can create a store bearing your name, using the Shopyspy, you can see how much the same-store sales of items with you. You can introduce to your customers plenty of items that you sell with the specific, detailed information is added. They see them and will more excited when watching videos or pictures you made instead of the normal advertisement. Costs less, doesn’t spend too much time and incredibly simple, Shopyspy would be the right choice for you to build the first step for your business career.
1.What is ShopySpy?
ShopySpy is a powerful software tool that allows you to spy on over 170,000 Shopify Stores and over 800,000 products. You can filter the search results in a number of ways to find products that are in-demand and actually selling.
When you get ready to start selling a product yourself, with a click of the mouse, you’ll be able to find the product on AliExpress so you can start making money right away.
This tool will help you to save your countless hours of researching and help you to completely avoid trial and error.

2. Some useful information about the ShopySpy
– Store search tool: With few clicks, it uses its different powerful filter to find out over 130,000 Shopify for you very quickly.
– Product search tool: Same to the store search tool, you can be received over 650,00 products.
– Powerful filters: Professional filter will quickly filter out 1 more than 130.000 Shopify list facebook’s move to the price point of the best selling items in each store, the currency used when purchasing whether it has or not a profile on Facebook or Twitter, or if you want to search faster , search by keywords.
3. Why do you need it?
Most people have struggled with finding the right and winning products which are the needs of customers. Of course, it can be a massive waste of time. But thanks to ShopySpy, you can know exactly what’s selling before you ever get started by spying on successful stores with real products that are selling right now.
It’s really easy to use because you just only need to point and click your mouse to start spying and you don’t have to download anything. ShopySpy is hosted on serves. Log in and be ready to start analyzing thousands of Shopify and products.
Others way is using any device you have such as your PC, Mac, iPhone…that has an internet connection and web browser.
4. Some additional information
-Store information: Instantly see the store’s website link, when the store owner( you) last uploaded a product to the store, what theme are used and the Shopify username.
– Social Accounts: Quickly see the store’s Facebook page and twitter feed, then investigate the content to come up with new fresh ideas for your own marketing.
– Installed Apps: You can know exactly what Shopify apps are being used for every store. This make you a massive advantage knowing which apps the top Shopify stores are using. Then use those same apps in your stores to spike up your sales and conversions.
– Traffic analysis: you can see easily and immediately the daily traffic, global rank, country rank and category rank for each ShoySpy store. Moreover, it supplies for you the traffic volume from each country, the traffic sources, the top referring the web, the top destination websites, the organic and paid search keywords, social traffic volumes, display ad networks being used, audience interests and similar sites!
To attract the customer to your store and sale for your own Shopify stores, you can use that helpful information to build super-targeted Facebook advertisement campaigns.
You can make sure that the full 30 days trial to test ShopySpy and consider whether it’s available for your goal or not. If you feel it’s not for you, you will be sent a refund by email for the producer.
This software work on a Mac, the producer provides a completely native Mac application that doesn’t rely on the Adobe AIR platform.
ShopySpy allow you install on a total 3 personal computers, which is applies for both Mac versions and Pc versions.

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