Tuesday, 11 Dec 2018
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Split test monkey was created and developed by a team who hated split testing. If you are tired of doing the research, testing and do not have enough time to analyses all the information or wait until getting the results, split test monkey will be completely for you.
Whenever your business is, testing will make it better. For example, you will run two websites have the same content but different headlines. One is catchier than another. Split test monkey will give a number of people will directly click on the page to you. On the dashboard, you will see how many people visit your page or the conversion and so on.

Therefore, you can make a comparison between two pages to see which one is better. With this software, you do not need to guess if the new changes that you put in your page work or not, split test monkey will do it for you. Unless you test, you will never know. This is an instant and accuracy way to see what is working and what do not. The benefits of testing your business are to increase sales, grow your list and boost commission.
The point that makes split test monkey different is you can test the old way with your new one together. Besides, it does not take a lot of time to monitor conversions, check data, mess with links and so on thanks to auto-optimizer on the test type. Moreover, you can add the days you want to test as well as the min total conversions you want to be. All the set up will just take you a few seconds to do. Split test monkey will be the best choice for you because it increases conversions and profits, always let you know what works and stay one step ahead of the competition.
If you think that split test monkey does not for you because it is too complicated, think again. Split test monkey can double the landing page conversion rate in just a few days. With the simple of sales page video test, it will help you to make an extra sales revenue. Moreover, the click on sidebar banner will grow up thanks to the design.
Every smart marketer will use split testing as a tool to analyze the data as well as some other information to find the best way to develop their business. It is no use spending your time to start-up without any detailed plans. A split test is a quite simple way to find out what the best ways are to optimize your website that will attract more and more attention.
Stop hoping people will understand your goods and pay their money to buy it some days. This is a real life and there is no place for daydreamers. We have to make noise to attract people click to our websites, purchase for our products. We need to have as clear as possible plans to achieve our goals.

Split test monkey software can run on many types of tests.

-A/B dynamic “snippet” test
In this type of test, all visitors will view the same URL. Only one of your test variations is shown to the viewers that arrive at your page. To make sure the consistency of the website, each person can only see the same variation whenever they return to the page. You can test two or up to six people at the same time with better results.
-Split URL/ web page test
This is different from A/B dynamic test. You can add two or up to six web pages which will be compared to each other to give the best converting. Split URL/ web page test is completely suitable for big changes like page layouts, color schemes or new designs. To make sure the consistency of the website, each person will be shown the same web page whenever they click.

Split Test Monkey also comes with 3 alternative testing options:
-Auto Optimizer:
You can choose how long the test will be, the minimum number of total conversions as well as a confidence level. Split test monkey will automatically run the test and choose the winning elements that can be used to develop your website.
-Conversion Race:
You can choose the number of conversions that the winning page should hit for it to find a winner. Besides, you can set a ‘margin’ number that will make sure a winner isn’t be found too early.
-Manual Mode
You can add more test system elements, edit the test, run it until you feel confident with the result.

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