Tuesday, 13 Nov 2018
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Video Jeet Review

Have you ever wanted to own your own network of video blogs, but always thought it was too hard to do? Or you have a small budget but want to get free traffic to your websites and offers? If yes, this short review about Video Jeet is going to help you.
What is Video Jeet?
Video Jeet is a desktop software that integrates with your WordPress site or your Blogger blog. The basic concept of Video Jeet is that it can automatically search YouTube based on keywords or specific channels. It will then take this video and automatically post if for you, along with any text content you specified.
It is uncanny how straightforward it is with, but yet robust sufficient to instantly draw-inside the best online videos specific to the niche. This one-of-a-kind product will allow you automate video curation and posts to any blog on WordPress and even on blog writer!
What makes Video Jeet unique?
Video Jeet is not like any other software in the market. Thanks to Video Jeet, we can do lots of things: creating content rich, self-updating, video blogs with no technological abilities, no domain required, no organizing needed.
Here are just some features that make Video Jeet different:
– Customizability: Video Jeet lets you search for videos relevant to your niche in a variety of ways and it gives you a lot of posting flexibility.
– Solid concept: Videos are rapidly becoming the content medium of choice. YouTube gets 4 billion hits per day! Over 6 billion hours of YouTube videos are watched every single month. Therefore, it is clearly that people love watching YouTube videos. Understanding this, Video Jeet helps you give people the content they love automatically.
– Training video Jeet : Make content Vibrant, Personal modernizing, video tutorial Blogging sites, in seconds with:
• No complex ability
• No Domain name wanted
• No hosting required
– Incorporates with endless Blogger and personal sponsored WordPress blogs sites.
– Tests You tube to uncover your entire training videos in your case.
– Allows you to transform the title and text, and labels of yourself movies.
– Provides your special customized contact to motion and add code to quick video clip.
– Pings the various search engines to receive your posts crawled and ranked swifter.
– Tweets your newly purchased content material with your supporters.
– Easy to use: Any newbie can use this software in few steps:
• Generate 100% programmed video clip websites aiming for any niche market/sub-niche.
• Supply automatic video tutorial material to their old blogs and forums.
• Do video tutorial investigate to get the best video to post to their own weblogs.
• Create blog page networks which are given subject matter conveniently.
• Fit associate URL links in training video content articles, marketing offers and products.
• Routinely posting notices of your new posts to all of your Twitter and Facebook IDs.
• Get loads of free of charge page views from Google without chemicals, by standing key words with no you the need to relocate muscular tissues.
How to use Video Jeet in detail?
As said above, you will find it very simple to update your video:
– If you start Video Jeet for the first time, you will see the “Add a blog” button. Clicking on this button, you will get a blog added.
– Then, the choose blog service box appears along with 4 choices for you: Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, Livejournal. You choose one of them and Video Jeet will be able to post content and videos to it automatically. But you should know that free WordPress.com blogs do not allow embedding of videos that’s why this tool will only work with hosted WordPress.
– After having a blog, if you don’t have any keywords, it will take you to the Preferences screen. This is what makes Video Jeet a unique software: search youtube automatically, post to the blog automatically, make posts in draft state, ping search engines after posting, auto remove videos with links, minimum gap between posts, keywords and other settings related to the keywords.
– Next, you save your all settings by clicking on “Save settings”.
– Clicking on the blog again, you see a list of all the videos that Video Jeet has collected. You can change any detail you want.
– If you wish to view the queue, just click on “Queue” or find the top ranking videos for your keyword with “Find top videos” or see what was wrong while posting your videos with “Error list” and the list of videos after updating with “Refresh”.
It can be said that no other software is easier to use than Video Jeet.
In general, I hope you all can have an overview about Video Jeet and its benefit after my review.

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