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Viral Loop review

You are an online marketer, and you want to make your product closer to the customers and the information about it transferred continuously to other people without costing much money for marketing expense. Well, if so, I highly recommend you to use Viral Loop. So what is Viral Loop? And what can it do for your business? Let’s have a look at my review.

1. What is Viral Loop?

Viral Loop is the all-in- one WordPress set that gives your marketing campaigns professional themes, which encourages your regular members visiting your websites to be interactive ones. The preference feature of this product is that it allows the members in your list to make considerable changes to their profiles and create new content. In that way, they can freely express their feelings and think, so that there is an invisible bound existing between them and your content. Moreover, the content can spread like virus since it can be shared in different social circles. As a result of that, the product you want to sell can be got to know by more people.

Within six simple steps, you are able to get huge benefits from this magical tool.
Step 1: Choose your media type.
In this step, you choose any types of media you want to create. It can be imaged, video or text.
Step 2: Choose the keyword for extra SEO juice
You will type the keyword in order to build the list around.
Step 3: Select from a list of results the site generates
There are list results available on the site, and all you have to do is click your favorite one.
Step 4: Edit the title and description
To make sure you can catch the attention of others, you can customize the title and description until you think they are perfect. Feel free to show people who you are by creating your unique content.
Step 5: Select the category to post the list to
This is an important step, since it decides how easily other people can find your content. Make sure you choose right category, so that your post will be more attractive and meet people’s need.
Step 6: Name and publish your list
Last but not least, choose a fabulous name in order to make people have a good first impression on your list. And after that, it’s time for you to publish it.

It can be said that Viral Loop is an economical method that all online marketers need to know in order to achieve viral and many money-grabbing posts in less than a minute. The question is that how Viral Loop can do such an amazing thing? Find the answer in the next part.

2. What are Viral Loop features?
1. Easy configuration
You don’t need to have any technical “know how” to use this product since you will be provided with a full step-by- step wizard tutorials and guidance. The full training will help you know what exactly you are doing. Thanks to that you can easily set up your own WordPress themes by yourself.
2. Flexible themes
A variety of the already-made themes in the library is waiting for you to explore. You can choose any of them to change how your themes look just by clicking. It is also possible to personalize your themes, so that you can express yourself better. The layout and color as well as the font styles are changeable. With Viral Loop, you can edit your content smoothly from your admin panels, which makes it look fascinating all the time. Now you don’t need to stand the old, boring unchanged stuff day after day, since it is now so easy to make it new. Now you know what you need to do, just click.
3. Advertise multiple banners
On the pre-tested locations, you can upload different banners so that you maximize your CTR and give you more money to your pockets.
4. Enable/disable membership signups
With Viral Loop you can easily expand your circle because visitors can sign up to become members and it is also possible for them to create or share their own ‘lists’. But all of them are under your control. It means that you can administer the membership base and data for each of them in your websites. Let the members in your lists create their own ones, and see how astonishing the number of members in yours increase. You even did nothing to get it, others have done it for you.

5. Lead capture/AR integration
When your customers create new accounts, you are able to increase connection from auto-responders to every email from each of them. It cannot be denied that this is the best way to get their data, which allows you to follow up with them and then let more money pour into your websites.
6. Custom profiles
When your customers have successfully activated their new account, they will get their profiles pages which show their collections and personal information.. You can completely get more viral traffic for your websites without actually doing anything since your customers will do so by sharing their performances via social networks.
7. Display messages
The numbers of new visitors to your new pages can be continuously increased thanks to the message system, which helps you and your customers have a real interactive environment. As a result of that, you are able to come closer to your customers.
8. Social Sharing
Just by one click, your customers can activate social buttons on any viral content, which helps you save time and energy, but get more money. The viral content includes the whole lists and each item of them as well.
Free updates – FOR LIFE.

You can have the updated version on your blog whenever the software is upgraded. Pay once, get new one forever. It seems like a dream, but with Viral Loop, it 1000% real. You can use your WordPress admin area to update the latest version.

WordPress 101 course

The 11 video training course will blow all your anxiety away. It is Ok if you do not have any blog. All you have to do is follow the super simple step-by-step instructions given in the course. After that you can easily launch your website quickly and without any stress.


With its out-standing features, we do believe that Viral Loop will not let you down. If there is such a thing happening, do not hesitate to request your money back. You can get 100% refund unconditionally within 30 days. See, you lose nothing. Why don’t you have a try and experience this amazing product yourself now?

Those are what Viral Loop can do for you and your business. Take one and explore the new way to get more money easily.

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