Tuesday, 11 Dec 2018
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X Ranker review

Along with the development of technology, video is becoming an intense “weapon” in the advertising scene and the reality demonstrates that advancing the item with video brings more successful than some other traditional ways such as email promoting or composing survey post.
It is not easy at all to rank your videos on the first page of Google or Youtube to get closer to people because, with the same keyword, lots of other people also create videos and upload them to the Internet. However, X Ranker could be a game changer for you. What is X Ranker?

1) What is exactly X Ranker about?

X Ranker is the most powerful proven web-based software that allows you to rank videos in no time. In other words, X Ranker helps users rank their videos on the top page of Google before ever having to put any additional work and effort into those keywords. Moreover, it guarantees to do so every single time. You no longer need to create a campaign, find keywords to target, then create the videos and finally invest a ton of time, money and effort into a campaign. All you do for these campaign is doing the research, finding keywords and creating youtube live event, adding them to the tracking system and ranking your videos will be done.
2) What is special about X Ranker?
X Ranker is a unique software providing users a ton of function such as:
– Powerful automated keyword research process: Before X Ranker, you was used to spending all days in research for high-converting keywords. But with the advent of X Ranker, it solves this problem in a completely automatic process and gives you 100’s high-converting keywords at the push of a button.
– Multiple Youtube channels: If you have multiple channels, it is able to add them and use them with X Ranker.
– Leveraging of YouTube live stream: X Ranker integrates seamlessly with Youtube live, which has been proven to deliver faster page 1 rankings than regular videos.
– Rank first, work later: This makes X Ranker really different. It allows you to rank before having to work any further on their campaigns. Even if you have not completed your videos yet, it is not problem. This means that you will always be the pioneer in any video rank and get tons of views.
– Advanced notification system
– Competition crushing syndication system
– 100% web-based: There is no need to download or install anything. So you can get easy with X Ranker. No more complicated sign up or log in your account or difficult set up steps.

3) How does X Ranker work?

One of typical features that I like most of X Ranker is easy-to-use. You just need to follow four simple steps:
– Step 1 – Get to choose your keyword:
Firstly, you start with the keyboard by hiting “Add” button on the right of the screen for new research, typing the keyword you want to rank. X Ranker will do research for your videos to choose the most suitable keyword which meets fully all requires of the keyword. From that, it is easier to rank your videos on the top of Google. It will take a few seconds for that process.
– Step 2 – Create your Youtube live event right inside the software:
When there is a keyword, X Ranker will start to rank even if you have not completed your videos yet. The software also leverages the power of Youtube live to allow you to create a live event for that keyword. You can not only create it, tank it but also edit it. After that, you can select which channel you want that live event to be created on or add your integrations tab and select your publish date.
– Step 3 – Let the system notify you once your live stream cracks into page 1 of Google.
X Ranker gives you notifications now to show you all about its ranking performance and then continue to work on its campaign. When you click on the “Perform in-depth analysis” button, X Ranker will check the first two pages of Google to see if there is any video ranking. If there is a video ranking then it will come back and show you all the information for that video. So you can make an intelligent decision whether you should target that keyword or not. If you already know what you want to target, you do not need to find any additional keywords, just click “view” and some information is here for you like monthly volume, videos in top 20, Google competition.
Step 4: Continue with your campaign.
In general, it can be said that X Ranker is effective tool which saves your money, your time and your energy. I hope my X Ranke review above can provide you an overview about this software.

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